Uniforms will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis. Our next shipment of uniforms will be here by the end of March.

Purchase the uniform. The uniform will include a singlet and shorts and will total to $65. You get tp keep the uniform and will be required to wear at all track meets. We will use the same uniform through Spring of 2021. We cycle through uniforms every 3 years.


*All registered athletes will be charged on skyward OR you can pay your fees directly to the front office


Gear includes:

- sweatshirt


- long sleeve

- short sleeve

ALL athletes are required to buy the gear in order to compete. 

COST: $100

*Gear will be discounted or free if we meet our fundraiser goals:

1st incentive- 75% participation =$75 gear

2nd incentive- $7,000 raised= $50 gear

3rd incentive- $10,000= FREE GEAR

DEADLINE= March 9th


-Pay to the front office before March 10th (the office only accepts money before 1pm) to be able to get on the bus.